Pornhub made Roscomnadzor an irresistible offer: a premium account in exchange for unblocking the site for Russian users.

In a message posted on Twitter, Pornhub propose to Roscomnadzor Administration a premium account on the site for adults, in exchange for unblocking the website for Russian users. is mentioning that despite the fact that Roscomnadzor banned the adult site, Pornhub și YouPron are still available on the Russian Federation territory. Using instruments to go around the blockage, the Russian amateurs of adult movies still can, without any problems to access the forbidden sites. More than that, even mentioned links in the post on Twitter are opening easily. 

The decision to ban Pornhub was taken on May 24th 2016 by the Court of the Buturlinovsk district, Voronej region. The banning decision of the YouPorn site was taken by the Court from Pervorecensk district, Vladivostok region.