The Ukrainian hackers from the CyberHunta group is assumed that they broke the mail of Vladislav Surkov, and supposedly have the possession of a plan of destabilization of the situation in Ukraine. The document presents the subversive strategy of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, that forms a clear and complete picture of the way in which is made the hybrid warfare tactics. The document demonstrates how cynically achieves its geopolitical goals the Russian Federation in the region and how thorough are developed the implementation phases of the subversive activities.

The document is entitled Primary action plan to destabilize the social and political situation in Ukraine "Shatun" (A species of bear - n.r.). The main objective of the actions is to organize early elections, parliamentary and presidential elections in Ukraine. The document was published by the website with reference to the Ukrainian hacker site

The Spokesman of Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, has not denied, nor confirmed the information on breaking Vladislav Surkov's e-mail. Pesckov gave an evasive answer to the journalists, stating that Voladislav Surkov is a man so talented, that hackers always try to ascribe certain things to him, which often do not correspond to the reality, it is said in the statement of Peskov, quoted by Tass

We note that Vladislav Surkov, the adviser to Putin, attended the negotiations in Normand Format at Berlin regarding the implementation of the Minsk agreements. At the beginning of 2014, Surkov was a secret diplomat in Kiev, where he gathered information on the Maidan. Surkov is one of those who was at the bases of the establishment of the separatist projects in Eastern Ukraine.    

First of all, in the documents disclosed publily it is about the negotiations with opposition parties. The Ukrainian hacker organization "KinerHunta", stated that it broked the electronic mail of Vladislav Surkov, the Russian President's advisor.

The documents were posted on the website "KiberHunta". The achievement of the plan is the period November 2016 - March 2017. 

The document states that Transcarpathia would be destabilized through the neighboring states, including Romania. The Ruthenian minorities in Hungary, Slovakia and Romania would be the key to this plan, reads the document, they will be mobilized to demand the end of the conflict in Ukraine and the recognition of the Ruthenian autonomy from Transcarpathia.

The Maidan of prices

In the document it is said that Ukraine is a presidential and parliamentary type of state, that's why it is necessary that in these two institutions will enter political forces, whose leaders support the peaceful resolution of the conflict in Donbas. This is the fact that will give Russia a chance to manipulate those forces. "It is possible that Donbas to be returned to Ukraine, with the assumption of the imposed conditions by the Russian Federation, which, in turn, will allow the entry into the Ukrainian parliament of the persons loyal to Russia and adopting, as such, the requisite legislation. In perspective, this means the probability to influence Ukraine and block the EU integration and cooperation with the NATO," it is shown in the document.

Among the actions that will be realized by Russia in Ukraine are found the negotiations with opposition parties - "Oppoblok", Batkivshcina, the right wing extreme Party of Leashko - but also with some MPs. The subject of discussion should be the activization og the protest movement in the context of the start of the heating season. "The prices of Maidan" is expected to begin in the second half of November, after what the population will receive the bills for the heat.

The biggest stake is the opposition Party "Baktivshcina" which has an image of a fighter with the prices. At the same time, the organizers take into account the experience of a nefarious organization of a Maidan of the tariffs in Kiev, that's why they emphasize on the achievement of a material and financial base for providing these Maidan’s in regional centers and major cities from the southeast. That will "tie" the region cops, without the ability to move to the center, where will be held a large anti-government protest. At the same time, it is expected to be supported and other protests that will be organized by various political powers in Ukraine.

The most important directions regarding the destabilizing of the public opinion

It is pursiating the discreditation of the social-economic policies, promoted by the Government and the President, the local authorities, on the background of  the economic problems: utility tariffs, decreasing the standard of living, the collapse of the system of subsidies, the poor state of medicine and education, the reforms on paper, the unemployment, the mass emigration, the ecology, the rights of national minorities in Transcarpathia, Bukovina, Southern Ukraine. The deadline: November 2016.

In the document it is said about the development of some false video and audio materials, of some conversations, phone messages, capture of the conversations from the social networks, the correspondence that will "uncover" corruption acts of Poroshenko and people from his entourage. It is also talking about the achieving and lobbying organisation for business. It is planed and the conducting of some investigations on corruption acts committed by Poroshenko's team. In this sense, it is expect to be addressed the anti-corruption journalists (Shabunin, Bigus, Gnap, Dubinskii, Shalaiskii). "The information must be true, complete and be propagated by our sources from abroad - Europe and the US", reads the document. At the same time it is expected to be brought into public attention the corruption scandals from the past.

The document also states the intention to adopt certain changes in the Constitution, to provide a particular economic status to the areas: choosing governors, the allocation of financial resources, minimizing the influence of Kiev on the economic and social situation, tariff autonomy, free economic zones in Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov, Zaporozhye, Harkov etc.   

Another direction of destabilization of the situation will be raising crime in Kiev and other cities. Will speculate police inefficiency will be organized raider attacks, religious strifes, with the involvement of so-called "battalions of volunteers". It is expected to be carried out a lobbying campaign for the law on the sale of land, "so the people would have stolen property." It is also mentioned the criticism of the project on rising the retirement age to 65 years.

It is also talking about the infiltration of men "needed" in voluntary movement and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, aiming the influencing the inside of these structures and dissemination of information about "abandoning" the Ukrainian military men by the power that ensure their civil existence without shortcomings, while those soldiers are dying in the trenches, block-posts, and the families of those killed on the front are left without any social support. The purpose of these actions is, obviously, the growing of "abandonment" sense among soldiers and volunteers. This will activate the movement of protest, involving of the paramilitary and nationalist organizations in Kiev and regions. This will also put emphasis on Poroshenko's inability to stop the casualties during the operations in Donbas. Deadline: October to December 2016.

The propaganda information

Negotiations with politicians and big business representatives, are to be held, who have certain levers in the Verkhovna Rada. The topic of discussion will be the economical support from the Russian state for businesses and politicians, but also about media in Ukraine and Russia, including in the electoral period. Deadline: the end of November 2016.

In parallel, it is aiming a formation of some operational groups, that will be used during a large-scale demonstrations and the realization of some actions against the protesters, under the identity of police authorities loyal to the government. The goal would be the discreditation: of both, the power, and of the respective structures. That shall be done by recruiting athletes and criminal elements, under the banner of the ruling party and of the nationalist structures. Another possibility to initiate a confrontation would be some marches of the Cross, where believers will bear the portraits of Nicholas II, St. George ribbons and other irritating attributes. Deadline: the end of November.

However, is to be expected the activation of public organizations of national minorities in Ukraine, including Russia, with the aim of popularizing the idea of peaceful coexistence of the fraternal peoples, of the culture, of the history and mutual traditions. The banners will be: "The country needs peace," "Let's not fight, it's time to create." Deadline: throughout the period.  

Throughout the implementation of the plan it will be pursued the realization of some public hearings, televised bridges, interviews and reports in Ukrainian media, with the involvement of politicians with leadership and activists servants, to instill to the public opinion the idea of inability of authorities in Ukraine to cope the main objectives: economic growth and welfare. An activation of social networks is to be expected: virtual groups, social initiatives. A particular attention should be paid to the claims of EU and the US politicians: the most materials have to start with the exact words of these politicians and not by the statements of the Russian politicians.

A separate section is dedicated to the discreditiation of President Poroshenko.

Another section is dedicated to the creation of a false republic in Transcarpathia and is called "The concrete action plan on implementation of the federal statute of Transcarpathian region of Ukraine." This plan involves organizing of the work in diverse social, political and regional structure, with the contribution of the peak authorities in the region.

A phase in the implementation of this plan will be the activation of the "Rusinskaia Rodina" group - left-wing of the Rusyns community. In particular, the group aims to increase the number to 1,000 members. Thus, by the end of July, is to be recruited 200 people, and by the mid-August, another 800. However, is expected to be create cells, each with its own leader, of the noted group in the districts of Transcarpathia: Uzhhorod in particular, Mukacev, Hust. In each of these places must be as 100 members each. And in the districts – 50-70 members each.

Based on these structures, mobile groups for the implementation of actions with subversive character must be formed. In total, is to be conducted four such mobile groups.