On the heated reactions of the media from Romania and of the Republic of Moldova officials regarding the exercises made by the Russian army and by the alleged “pacemakers” that de facto occupied the separatist region of Transnistria without the permission of the host country, ignoring the repeated calls to withdraw the troops and weapons and leave the region, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Bucharest reacted on their web site. It should be noted that the reactions of the officials from Chisinau were ignored, while the officials from the MoD and MFA from Chisinau were defied by the Russian Embassy in Chisinau that refused to present his military attaché to give answers and sent ridiculously its unannounced military exercises made in the security zone without the approval of the Joint Control Commission, together with the separatists troops and marking the aquatic landing and forcing the Dniester with armored personnel carrier.

This time, the explanation sent to Bucharest ( why is used the answer to the Romanian media and not the reply directly to the officials of the Republic of Moldova, towards whom exist commitments, treaties, shamelessly violated agreements by Moscow) is a reference to taunt against Romanian media: the exercises are antiterrorist, it’s trucks not tanks, and we are protecting this part of the Republic of Moldova from terrorists, respectively the famous deposits of weapons from Cobasna!!! Moreover, the diplomatic authors make fun of the Romanian media: “Our attention was drawn by some alarming news from the Romanian media dedicated to the military exercises that took place recently in Transnistria indicating the fact that some authors are in contradiction with the history and the military terminology, interpreting very openly the concept «annexation» […] and using, as openly, propagandistic clichés. By confusing armored transport trucks with tanks, they deliberately use the cliché «Russian tanks» as a synonym for «Russian threat». Thus, the authors are misleading their readers. As it is said in the proverbs of many nations, the devil lies in the detail”, is shown in the official statement of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest.

Furthermore, the Russian diplomats pointed out that the only purpose of the Russian-Transnistrian applications is to defend an eventual terrorist attack on the ammunition depot from Cobasna. These ammunitions would be an easy prey for the terrorists that have already made targets in “EU, Russia, Thailand and USA”. The Russian diplomacy underlines, in the statement, that these munitions are a legacy of the Cold War in which were implicated the states of the Warsaw Pact and NATO. Therefore, they suggest that Russia is not responsible for the munitions that are on the territory of the Republic of Moldova and Russia is not doing anything else than protecting these munitions from the international terrorism! Obviously, without the request of the Republic of Moldova or any kind of permission from it!

I think that this completely undiplomatic and provoking approach requires some explanations, until appears a diplomat in the embassy that will take over, only if not everyone is expecting the arrival of the new ambassador and some communicators are doing their job excessively voluntary. Firstly, the depot from Cobasna had the possibility to be moved entirely, while in Chisinau exists an installation to damage the old munition that could have solved the case 10 years ago. Then, maintaining such a thing in the separatist region, that permits “guard, protection” and even “exercises against terrorist attacks”, is a cheap motivation that became outdated a long time ago, anyway discordant with the repetitive request of the Republic of Moldova to withdraw the troops and weapons and the replacement of the auto-assumed mission by Russia with a mission of the European police that is really multinational. 

Secondly, the communicator of the Russian Embassy from Bucharest is making fun of us! He and the one that authorizes the posting on their web site should be retreated! So we have photos with the Dniester forcing by armored carriers, that are doing offensive exercises against the right side of the Dniester, that is under the control of the authorities of the Republic of Moldova, and the embassy is telling us about trucks and “antiterrorist exercises”? Skipping the oddness of protection against terrorist actions with … trucks. I would be very curious to find out how that scenario looks and what the efficiency of these actions is.

In fact Russia and its troops of every category defies the host country, the Republic of Moldova, acts like in a occupied region and violates all the agreements and treaties moving Russian troops illegally located and training the illegal separatist troops, even miming aggression and forcing of the Dniester towards Chisinau. Shaking spirits does not help at all, especially with a nervous Ukraine and with a presence of the Russian troops behind this state, which is on war with Russia in Donbas and the frustration after the annexation of Crimea and after the challenges and the deployments of the Russian troops that announce war on a large scale. In addition, the peace initiatives are undoubtedly doomed to failure with such manifestations on the ground. Maybe the Russian MFA may take the issue, both in report with the Embassy from Bucharest and the Russian MoD that plans and authorizes these illegal exercises.