One of the founding myths, even constitutive of the political and public scene in today's Moldova is the omnipotence of Vlad Plahotniuc, called in diplomatic circles in Chisinau - as well as in the capitals concerned about developments in the area - in an almost subversive way, Mr. P. The myth of limitless and full power of Mr. P. was achieved by a combination of patterns and themes of communication, based on the captive state theory, through The Evil oligarch and continuing afterwards with the creation of the guilty in service myth. It doesn't matter what, why and who makes something happen to in Moldova, it's Mr. P.'s fault. Because, in a completely absurd way, although in a deep democratic logic, if you hold the absolute power, as it's presumed to Plahotniuc, then you have and absolute responsibility, you are responsible for everything that anyone is doing anytime.

Truth be told, to this myth of the omnipotence of Vlad Plahotniuc - The Supreme oligarch who took Moldova into captivity and flays it of resources - has contributed to a large extent, himself. Actively, cultivating the picture of an entirely responsible man and encouraging stories and pictures of himself as a powerful one and an ultimate decision maker, whether it's about crime organized, mafia or government, or business, privatization or media (even if it's not true ). Or passive, avoiding to denounce gossips and stories to this direction. Mr. P, through its media, through hard and sudden blows given to political rivals, business or those in the criminal sphere, being a testimony, has cultivated the very own image that will lead him to doom, hence the image of the most hated man in Moldova (I refer to those present in the public space and sociologically measured) and guilty of all evils.

The fact that it is not true is a truism. Who knows the social and societal structure, the degree of institutionalization of society in Moldova and administrative functionality of existing institutions, knows at the same time very well that there are many things that Mr. P. is missing. Moreover, no one can include such a complexity and size, even in countries with a better organized and greater administrative capacity. Over all, even the big trends, and business processes are not even fully known, let alone controlled by Vladimir Plahotniuc, until is happening.

As for the his omnipotence proverbial, it has not been for the earlier period, when there was the second responsible, Vlad Filat, but he was not there and did not manifested himself even after this time, when both political space and public space was dominated by multiple political tendencies, orientations and different perceptions. That's because Moldova really is a democracy in terms of real pluralism and that money can not buy everything and everyone, regardless how many years.

The clearest evidence is that in the state that Mr.P. is claiming (and claims also himself to a point) that he possesses, he never managed more than 20% to the polls with his party (Vlad Filat, with more political sense and infinitely more charisma, has managed much better, every time). Then, in the same state that he possesses, Vladimir Plahotniuc could not be prime minister. And, also in the same state, in which he dominates the politics, the public space, the financial resources, Mr. P. could not ever make the ordinary citizens to love, to appreciate, to support him, to trust him. No more than 2,5-3-5% according to recent polls.

But the part of the analysis that we do, so far, had relevance in the presidential election and may have relevance in the next general election, this myth slipped slightly to a false perception and even more dangerous one: better with Dodon, with the Socialists, with the Russians, in the Euro-Asian Union, than Plahotniuc to have any modicum of power any longer! Another obvious false: Mr. P. does not have the absolute power, he holds some symbolic power and confidence, plus a more limited financial strength, either. As for the political power, it is almost irrelevant in the face of politicians made or born in the internal political battle in Moldova. Then, to choose between the Devil and and his Dad - the Supreme Scaraotski, just to never see his devil's face, I find it like a barbaric policy.

I explain myself: in order to have democracy, rule of law, security, prosperity, development, it must be, first of all, rules, but also European and Euro-Atlantic orientation. The Russians ask to worship the only Daddy, no need of reforms or go to jail, if you stole. If you pay them their part, they forget you immediately. The bribery, the undeserved and illegal goods and benefits are the ultimate exchange currency to maintain power; the tribute and the gift, instruments of acceptance of the tribute. So it's easy and does not cost you freedom, prestige, your political future and shame of the family. Only the European road requires rules, limits, constraints, real competition, equality of access to opportunities, independence of the judiciary, fighting corruption, democracy, rule of law, good governance.

Worse, the strategic reorientation not only lead to loss of democratic perspective, economic, of prosperity, of development, rule of law, but even the disappearance of the entire state. Placing Moldova in the subordination and at the mercy of the new Russian Empire, means the complete disappearance of the state. It's not about sovereignty and independence, but Russia's interests of limited sovereignty. Where is the patriotism, the strength to defend the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity?When you fight a political choice, unionism, and an ethnic community, the Romanians, the majority in Moldova, and ignore the territory occupied by the army of a foreign country, Russia, you look the other way when the same state recruit your people into its army, when it defies your officials and state insignia your on the official passports, when you pretend to fight corruption but do not say another word about illegal laundering of 22 billion dollars by the FSB of the same Russians through your own state, all this shows that the world is crooked and that the protagonist does not have anything to do with any element of national interest, but rather the sale of the country.

But again, another myth is built in the public space and in the chanceries: the myth of understanding between Plahotniuc and Dodon, with the corollary of Dodon's control by Plahotniuc. Or here we are dealing with an utopia, the politician hearty dominates the businessman, and the total lack of response to violation of the Constitution and the guidelines laid down by the constitutional mechanisms of state creates confusion and strengthens the theory of underground understanding.

Well I expected that, after visits to Moscow and Bruxeles, of the statements made internally and actions with Krasnoselskii, the majority would react with major sanctions, the Government would have trenchant positions, both institutions would go to the Constitutional Court to sanction the poltroon and bring him within the limit of his powers; not to let him wander alone on the plains. It was not so, and here if to maintain this shyness or absence of will and action, with two whimpers through press statements and three words through some press release, it might fundamentally affect the actions of the Government through unconstitutional and unenforceable interference of the enthroned president.

So, I do not believe in the understanding between the two, although I think Dodon was assisted by Mr. P. in the presidential campaign, rather Maia Sandu. I can believe that he prefers the known evil, but not because he does not realize that the politician will take his head with the first opportunity. And above all, that a response is required, otherwise the trend is suicidal and the relinquish of power to the Socialists, the pro-Russians and Moscow is close. For at least another half century. Notice and to the right wing opposition from the street, myopic in weighting their enemies and priorities!