Dodon's arrival at the Presidency happened after a campaign and an election manifestation preceded by political outputs to the streets to challenge the situation in Moldova, the corruption and the theft of the billion. Dodon played the vigilante role, who comes and knights all those who steal the money of the people and needy citizens. Therefore the young, the poor do not get to have what they need, says the socialist doctrine, because the money is stolen by the corrupted. Naturally the first in question is the bad oligarch, Mr. P., who captured the state and does what he wants in Moldova, being guilty of all evils.

The recent visit to Moscow (the second official after two unofficial ones) has betrayed not only the inappropriate political positioning, the undermining of the state power and the position of the Republic of Moldova, by breaking an established boycott - without consulting him, it's true, but by the authorities that represent the sovereignty in the state, not the discretionary power that he wants to arrogate - but to an extremely serious issue, that of violation of the rules against Moldovan diplomats in Moscow. To his political indictment it is added, without appeal, and the assumption by the President of the posture of a tool in the information war of Russia with their own state, and even something worse, more destructive for his political posture and his image of a vigilante.

Dodon's main problem is not his orientation, but his subordination to his policies towards Russian interests. Sometimes so ostentatious that he becomes laughable and caricatural, and he stirs embarrassment to the Russian government and Vladimir Putin himself. His constant frown, the verb that he wants to be strong and serious, tough and persuasive, does nothing but only to undermine the message and to create side effects to the image of defender and exclusive promoter of Russian interests. But where things start to get really serious is that where the vigilante President starts to cause the undermining process to fight corruption, as it happened in Moldova, where it starts to gain momentum.

First he shocked his position on combating corruption of huge proportions, globally, the laudering of 52 billion in a process that involves Russian oil companies and post-Soviet states, of which $ 22 billion were carried through Moldova. The vigilante was supposed to be the first to support the work of institutions to combat corruption, law enforcement and justice. But he entirely ignored the subject, took refuge in the battle to support a pro-Russian position by continuing the representation in the Russian Federation.

A warlike stance against corruption at any level would have also coincided with the role of vigilante, and that of agent of the Russian policy on which he has undertaken. Eventually, there were concerned money of Russian oil companies. If we had to fight with a special operation, managed by the FSB, as indicated by the Moldovan authorities, it would be a direct action to undermine the Russian economy, and the discussion on the topic would only inquire the Russian authorities and Vladimir Putin, who would shown gratitude for the information and action, and would have reacted harshly. The reaction of Moscow and of Igor Dodon betrayed, however, the fact that based on laundering the money that strips the Russian taxpayer, the population of the Russian Federation, was a special operation approved by the Russian authorities, consented by them.

The type of behavior summarized to breaking the representation of the Republic of Moldova to Moscow blockade indicates that the subject was known, but not assumed. The public exposure of laundering money in this highly complex way in Chisinau, a business that involves so many corrupt people, including the area of supervision of the National Bank, is also painful for the Russian leadership, it costs external image and impact of the absolute force and the omnipotence of Putin's regime. Instead the absence of reaction indicates that the exposure of the scandal failed to provoke reactions and visibility in the Russian Federation - about as many as the acts of corruption and embezzlement of Medvedev, exposed by Navalnii. For the President in Chisinau, however, the impact is even more devastating because it undermines the very foundation of his project and the mechanism of attracting votes.

In Moldova, the total absence of Igor Dodon from this mega deal, to the resolution of which attended many institutions and states that have cooperated with domestic institutions in Chisinau, does nothing but to emphasize that this is not, in fact, a vigilante. He does not care to fight corruption and the theft of the billion, but simply the power struggle and rivalry with Vladimir Plahotniuc. More seriously, by recognizing the limits of his capacity to respond publicly in a major case that involves Russia, undermining the fight against corruption still raises even more serious questions, and eats the constantly pedestal of vigilante with which Dodon won the election. Thus, we saw worries, concerns and mayors from Basarabeasca and what happens with him. It is unacceptable for a President!

Undermining the fight against corruption, failing to recognize it when it is actually happening with the participation of Moldovan state institutions, and even unwarrantable interference with justice causes, in fact, Igor Dodon's abdication from his electoral program and the political program of the Socialist Party. There is only his option to drag Moldova in deep Siberia, in the direct subordination to Russia, in a new Russian Empire, and nothing else. 

It should be recalled, if there were any doubt, that Igor Dodon won the presidency not to fight, undermine and stop Moldova's pro-European path and its strategic misappropriating orientation. But for the promised support of social measures for the population, to fight corruption, to satisfy people who are living poorly and they need to tighten their belts once more to pull Moldova out of crisis. Now, after he has not justified his own revenue and campaign financing, he joins in a process of undermining the fight against high-level corruption and the judicial independence, with unqualified interference in the judicial act.

After his election as president, we witnessed the abandonment of the electoral agenda from the front row - that of president of Moldova he abandoned a long time ago and he never again was the President of all citizens of Moldova. He deals with flags, the Romanian language and Romanian history; not fighting corruption, the judicial independence and conviction of culprits that strips the state revenues and of the citizens. He became a suicidal president.