Last week, a fact that is not at all negligible took place at the level of the pro-European right wing opposition: PLDM, PAS, PDA signed a cooperation agreement in order to achieve a common candidate as a President: a chance for a capable candidate, eventually, to enter the second round and, maybe, win the presidential election. However, the absence of PPEM from the settlement, and the compromises made to obtain such a result, doubled by the acceptance of the Andrei Năstase’s formula that is free of tasks (to play alone, having no owner, from alliances of conjecture to protests in the street, along with Dodon and Usatîi), threatens the chances of coherence of this belated and weakened venture.

Even so, I wanted to note this major step that showed an important force of negotiation and a capacity to compromise from PAS and PLDM, of the last, especially, in the conditions of assertion as an opposition party and detachment of the Vlad Filat’s legacy. With Viorel Cibotaru, its third president, PLDM is shaking off hardly the legacy, attacks and disruptions, prominent members of the public administration, who were bought individually or pressured to change their appurtenance, lack of funding and the need of devotion as an opposition party fighting to preserve its main asset – party organizations. This step is a welcoming one, as an appropriate level of ambition to the current timing of the electoral competition and political context.

With the possibility of a common presidential candidate – if it is reached, eventually through import from outside the parties, from the civil society (if, again, will be the case) – the alliance formula of three may be an interesting beginning. Putting aside all the talk about early elections, which I consider impossible to launch and a target bound to fail, which discredits those who assume such an objective. The government goes on well, indubitably, which is recognized and welcomed by all the institutions and external partners, funding and the agreement with IMF was reached, first installment of the loan from Romania is coming next week.

However, the competition is harsh and one candidate from PDM (even Adrian Candu) could be an important competitor and PL with Mihai Ghimpu or Anatol Şalaru well calibrated on the unionist platform and taking advantage of the latest opinion polls and of a better promotion of this fact. In addition, this only for the pro-European right wing electorate. Because, on the left-wing, PSM and Igor Dodon enjoys the entrance in the second round from now on and is awaiting the move of Renato Usatîi, who could change the percentage and the chances of a second leftist and populist candidate in the second round (some say that there is no place for another leftist candidate, I still support the idea that there is time and exists an entrance strategy of those two pro-Russian candidates in the final round).

It is possible to have, in addition, many other minor candidates, who will take votes from the others. False candidates and clones are used long ago, especially on the right political spectrum. In addition, the European integration subject is not suitable anymore and doesn’t even bring votes, each will have to come up with a different identity. Here I mean the right wing. The opposition has a cohesive message, which is made more credible by the disappearance of Leancă from the team, in the case it is not slipped too far to populism or to excessive claim to street manifestations, that have already tired.

The power has two themes: action and political recovery by PD, mostly, respectively the unionism, if embraced by PL. Unless the subject of unionism would be embraced also by the pro-European opposition, with a suitable candidate coming from the civil society and capable to raise votes from the unionism supporters. For the rest, remains a vacant leftist space, an unknown space where the crowd of new candidates may only modify the number of percentage obtained in a scrolling step by Dodon.

As for Renato Usatîi, the stake of the candidate for presidential is much higher. It is between life and death. Bălți did not become a development light, nor an oasis of contentment, and the mayor Usatîi – does anybody remember that this boy in the service of snoring populism, for show, is still a mayor and has to run an administration to benefit the people that elected him? – He owes them. Therefore, the absence from the presidential run or a stuffed candidate could lead to the collapse of the party and the support for the political formation until it gets to enter even the Parliament. The fate of the anti-system party, of the populist and vocal speech is cruel when the leader has an administrative function with visible (and particularly inactivity!) activity. That’s why the serious candidature is a duty of life and death … policy for Usatîi!

By then, remains August 27 and 31, symbolic, that will mark the positioning of the candidates and the parties. Who welcomes and defends the independence, who, also, greet it, but discuss it, the one who claim that defend it, but really are fighting for connecting the Republic of Moldova to the retinue of the former parent state, Moscow, in the Eurasian integration formulas of Russia, who disputes it with full rights, from the positions of functional incapacity of the Republic of Moldova or its oligarchization, while others dispute the strategic focus for the sake of … the fight with the alleged oligarch that captured the state. And who celebrates the Romanian language as the state language of the Republic of Moldova.

As I said, in the previous editorial how much is to learn from the informational war of Russia in the world and from the last episode that Romania went through – Romanian traffickers of Ukrainian arms for the Islamic state terrorists from the west. Let us see how much and what shows the informational war in the Republic of Moldova during the electoral campaign. And what other surprises are being prepared for us.

I left not by chance at the end the subject of the cancellation-postponement of the presidential elections. I hear about it almost 7 months in Chisinau, practically since occurred the procedural cancel of the previous Constitution adoption – a gesture of the Constitutional Court that, with all my friendship for Alexandru Tănase, I am not stopping to contest him. In any country of the world, once established the elections’ date, it is imposible to go back to such electoral process, except for an emergency situation. But in the Republic of Moldova, I learned that you shouldn’t never say „never”!