I decided to write the last editorial on this subject simply because it is not worth it. He must be ignored because he turns out to be a Moldovan Zhirinovsky, a Rogozin from the Bic, a politician who failed to be a news maker showman. Moreover, I believe that an alliance of media to ignore him totally, to isolate him in irrelevance and the isolation would be welcomed. That until the state institutions solve the problem of closing him in the mandate for which he did candidate. And until he gains some sense, a little more good growth and loses some nerve. However it proves that he cannot manage taking up his duties and neither the access to power and representation. Ignore, ignore, ignore and... reject!

Hyperactivity, excessive voluntarism, we have a President of Moldova, Mr. Igor Dodon, as if he is plugged in and he flusters useless like a headless fly. Dissatisfied with the area of competences reserved by the current Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, Dodon does not know how to destroy it, to change it and to make room for his huge ego from here in Chisinau all the way to... Moscow. He does not even have one month after he took office and has already put everyone's nerves on the curlers just to be noticed, to show that he exists and to arrogate responsibilities that do not belong to him.

Until changing the Constitution, until organizing a referendum, until dissolving the Parliament, until scuttling along all the Romanians from Moldova and about half of the population who did not vote for him, until removing the unionism outside the law and revoking the human rights on the left side of the Prut, shouldn't he as President in Chisinau to obey the law? To respect the Constitution? The Constitution that after which he was elected and which he sworn on, none other. And the state institutions, if Moldova wants to be seen as a serious state, shouldn't it bring him to reason, within the mandate, with the risk of resort to his dismissal? Or the costs on his own behalf are not important enough in Chisinau? There is no need for enough ways, efforts, communications to calm the general fears and to reaffirm the positions of the majority and of the Government of the Moldovan state to the foreign partners?

Well, until looking for solutions from his lawyers, Mr. Dodon should know that any modification of the Constitution DOES NOT APPLY! Let him look the manual from the first year at law school and to learn that there is written about the principle of non-retroactivity of the law! Except the criminal law, where the most favorable law applies to any defendant, in civil and administrative law, in the constitutional law, the retroactivity of law reigns! Unless he finds a legal and constitutional channel through which he requests a referendum, to increase the prerogatives of the office of President and to pass through a popular vote the referendum (which he will lose even if he brings all the voters from Transnistria and Russia with charter planes in Chisinau!).

The non-retroactivity of the law, Mr. Dodon, means that any constitutional change will be valid of the function - if hypothetically all Moldova has gone insane to give you the future and the state to discredit it - for the NEXT PRESIDENT of the Republic of Moldova! Not you! The current President cannot lead the Moldovan state only on the basis of existing laws and Constitution, on which he was elected! And he has sworn to defend! Oh, and so I will not forget: by respecting the Moldovan Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and especially the legislation and the attributions in force, and in particular the Constitutional Court as the supreme institution of the rule of law and its judgments. The Constitutional Court is the one who will judge you for violation of the Constitution (it already did this in terms of appointing the ministers) and which will decide the reasons for the dismissal of the President based on violation of the Constitution of Moldova.

Otherwise, I think it leaked too much ink for Igor Dodon, a politician who is proved to have accidentally become and with too much lightness the President of Moldova, whose lightness in the public approaches disqualifies him and who consider that he has too small responsibilities as the highest official in the service of a state whose Constitution he violates, by the vote of citizens whose rights, aspirations and past he does not respect. Certainly, he managed to lose massively the public support. I expect that the latest polls will confirm how much support still has the current Moldovan President, Igor Dodon.