I spent a lot of time thinking about a title for the editorial. Firstly, because it sounded too native Romanian, and just because the character I'm talking about today is a nobody that does not deserve any glance, let alone a huge editorial or any reply from the least important politician or representative of any serious institution fledged, on one or another side of the Prut.

That is because we are talking about a random citizen of the Republic of Moldova, claiming to be Head of State with other 150.000 people, that remained in the Eastern occupied districts of the Republic of Moldova and, maybe, over 1500 Russian peacekeepers, who lead him. In addition, a juggler, because it is a very Romanian term for humbug, but one without stiffener - mediocre imitator of the classical joker at the fair, who got lost through other clowns, more schooled than he is.

Ultimately, forgetful; because he made a start on anecdotes and memories, on the brink of the alleged "presidential" elections, invoked a voting with claims of a referendum, never sanctioned or recognized, from...10 years ago.

In fact, the phantom and reality where can live such a persona, he an the ones forced to swallow his perception, is strange. The perception of a pseudo-state, pseudo-chief who, with his wife and the multitude of all sorts of girlfriends, think that laid hands on the separatist administration. As if in a building, with dozens of rooms, someone would decide it is a state, would put a flag and border and would call himself President. More than that he would make a semblance of the "elections". Also, when he wants to wipe the floor with all the improper logic, on which stands his existence, whence the self-determination clip and the need for independence, suddenly turns and backs off overnight to this "independence", never recognized by anyone and never experienced by any generation of residents from the space he abrogates, to change it on a union-integration with Russia...

In fact, we have to deal with a farce under the guise of a qualified challenge, maybe come out some statements across Nistru. And even if it is across Prut, even better that such a stupidity is noticed. Because the issuance of a decree with the claim to apply a "referendum" - forgotten in 10 years and by those dragged to the polls by hunger and pushed with bayonets from the top of automatic weapons  - is nothing more than a trivial challenge. As there were the "military exercises" of anti-terrorist defense by forcing Dniester in the offensive to Chisinau. But even here was something meaty, which was showing that it is one army, the Russian one, coordinating the forces claiming to be regular troops, not paramilitary, of an unrecognized political entity.

Thus, the electoral context, the joke with the remembrance about an alleged referendum from 10 years ago and the issuance of a decree of integration in Russia would be a nonsense and a bad joke, if weren't also dangerous. For the districts concerned, but also for the region. As you play with fire behind a Ukraine at war in Donbas and constantly provoked by the hyper-militarized Crimea is a suicidal undertaking which risks an enormous cost. The context in which Ukraine can always generate an excellent strategic-military solution, to sterilize the region that threatens Ukraine's back and frontally watches the conflict with Russia in Donbas.

In the place of Shevchuk, I would walk on tiptoes, not clang the weapons in a parade and in the offensive military exercises. Or by pretending the unification with Russia, so Kiev could find a military enemy on the left side of Dniester.

As to Chisinau and Bucharest, I would show maximum ignorance with these claims of being forgetful. Analysts, journalists, yes, they can react. At the limit, they may have a minimum pretended official reaction, to send the gesture ridiculously and, possibly, to reaffirm support for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of the Republic of Moldova; but with particular attention on sudden military and challenging movements in the region.

As for the discussions and debates about unilateral disposals of Chisinau and progresses at all costs of the 5+2 format, under the German presidency of the OSCE, I think the gestures of Shevchuk close any prospect of keeping the region on the agenda. Whether not here will be the next challenge of Russia.