No form of authority is accepted by the population. That is right, we do no like to stay in the line for documents, visas, at the military commissariat or, God forbid, at the police office. For Soviet propagandists the Romanian gendarme at times of Greater Romania was a trove of gold.

Not that we would have liked the police or militiamen, however Romanian gendarme became a symbol of aggression for communists. A small detail was omitted - the Romanian gendarmes were ours, were one of us, they were not occupiers. With Romanian gendarmes scarecrow our grandparents, after the return of Russians, were starving, deported, shot, put away. The Romanian gendarme did not do like this to us.

I thought that the times when the Communists were using this trove are gone. However, no, Dodon with the new-old propagandists resurrected by the new Soviet propaganda from Kremlin, revealed the scarecrow on the shelf. Missing a small detail: then was no freedom of speech, stupidity and mind control were rammed into our grandparents, with a rifle in the back. For us now is scarier the word cop, not to mention the militiamen, however Romanian gendarme sounds even sympathetic.

In the situation that Moldova wastes most of the European Union money, thanks to Romania, which regularly sends aids and sponsorship, funds for reforms and renovation - Romanian, even connected with gendarme, sounds like love, not like hatred. Just the other day I saw a shooting inside the National Art Museum in Chisinau, renovated on the money from Romania: I think it never looked so well. More than half of the kindergartens from Moldova were renovated from the same source, and the program is not ending this year. Even the money for pensions and wages are coming from the loans from Romania. So, about what kind of scarecrow are we talking? 

However, what does not frighten us, it frightens many who were and are governing. As well as writes Moni Stanila in an editorial: On the T-shirt of the Romanian "gendarme" is written DNA. That is why Dodon is trembling, for the times that will come, then he will be investigated for the robberies he committed, about was written a lot, both during the time he was Minister of Economy and after it.

The Romanian gendarme brings reforms, unlike green men sent from Moscow and one embarrassing tip in Gagauzia. We expect them with open arms! They have a lot to repair after the communist and post-communist disaster. What else to say about the Dodon candidate? Even his friends, Voronin, Nastase, Usatai say that: he is just a tool, a traitor. Moldova has a future without Igor Dodon!