I saw Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase in Lorena Bogza's TV show indignant at the parlance of Iurie Leanca. I was surprised, because Leanca, as he is, has a civilized parlance, as opposed to 95% of Moldovan politicians.

Here are some excerpts from the indignation of Nastase regarding Leanca:

- I was really thinking that this guy is a diplomat, is a schooled man, elevated 

- I feel sorry for this guy and he will be in jail

– this person must be in prison

– I would sentence him to the war crimes tribunal

- this individual betrayed

– the named Leanca, to judge me? 

- he to marry me?

- Leanca is a hostage

- text written at Nobil

- Leanca is able to do anything

I looked curiously for Iurie Leanca's comment from the social network, which has scandalized Maia Sandu Andrei Nastase, even the journalist Vasile Butnaru:

"As you saw the common nominee is called Maia Nastase, if we make the best of a bad job.

I have said several times that the negotiations were mimicked and there was never wanted a sole candidate. Today there is no a single candidate of the right-wing opposition because actually he was not wanted. All that have told Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase two weeks ago that they will come with a right candidate, was just a cheap demagoguery. These people cannot understand one simple reason: one is not given permission from the master and the other needs the job because he was jobless for several months and could not find a job after leaving the post of minister in the government PD-PCRM-PLDM. Both now play their book of life, dreamed too much to abandon this position. The problem is different: these two men who lied to people that will go with a single candidate, want to be president? They began their road to the presidency with a great hoax and a mockery to people. Now they will come to tell you that look, even announced their candidacy before the vote can still withdraw and come up with a single candidate, that is still a mockery to men. These two demagogues criticized me when I said that they mimic the negotiations and today see the truth. I think people can already make important conclusions about the seriousness of these two candidates."

The text which Nastase-Sandu said that Leanca did not write it, it is ironic, with figures of speech and with humor. I've never seen anything quite so outrageous. It is the opinion of a politician who joined the campaign, nothing extraordinary, in any case a "theater of the absurd". But Nastase, who was known in public with phrases like "servants of Plahotniuc", "let's go in the back of the club," "punch your face", "ferrets", "criminals" and says that parlance of Leanca is not of  a XXI century politician, to see how the appropriate parlance should be. I selected a few samples of his letter to Plahotniuc, without getting tired of looking expressions of speeches, more sparkling.

A speech of a Moldovan politician from the XXI century, by Nastase, should include these terms: 

- enemy

- foe

- tyranny

- to detract

- absurdities one more disgusting  than another 

- lies

- Empire of lies

- factory of lies and slander

- your shameless stupidity

- your manipulations

- corruption by blackmail

- criminal schemes

- Nazi propagandist

- The complete lack of conscience

- Dirt

- papier-mâché

- Pimp and smuggler

- You trafficked Moldovan

- Partner in crime

- Your criminal schemes

- frauds

- Corruption and blackmail

- You and your comrades lie

- Press in your pocket

- Relations with underworld

- mobster

- dices at the market

- puppeteer

-  pocket unionists

- you have bought them with all the giblets

- scared to death

- your puppets