During the Extraordinary Congress of PSRM, the delegates adopted a resolution on the steps to be made by the party leadership starting with 2017. The document fully avoids the report to the national interest of the Republic of Moldova or to the defining documents of the Republic of Moldova - the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Law of special status of districts in Eastern Moldova and the Law for Moldova's European option. The Laws were passed unanimously by the Parliament in 2005, when President was the communist Vladimir Voronin.

After stating their support for the newly elected President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, and thanking him, the members of the Congress voted several relevant resolutions, worth being watched.

The win of political power and early elections in 2017

"For the achievement of the program documents of the Party, the Programme of development of the country, the concept of federalization of Moldova and other fundamental documents, Socialists consider appropriate to trigger, in the shortest time, early parliamentary elections. PSRM says it will not work with the current oligarchic regime and will not form coalitions with parties in the current government. PSRM will make every effort for early parliamentary elections to take place in 2017 and will do everything possible to win the them, so that they could form the leadership of the new Parliament and the new Government of the country."

„The disoligarchization” of the Republic of Moldova

 "PSRM reconfirms the course towards the disoligarchisation of Moldova. We are for the revision of illegal privatization results, for the nationalization of assets obtained fraudulently, the repossession under the State of the Chisinau International Airport and of Banca de Economii. We support the principle of "presumption of corruption" in relation to civil servants and the lustration of the officials accused of corruption. The refund of the billions should not be an obligation of the citizens, but of state criminals who have committed "the theft of the century".

PSRM condemns the deliberate delay of the validation of the results of the presidential elections and sworning in of the President of the country, Mr. Igor Dodon, made to perform anti-state actions and approve a number of antisocial laws, including those relating to the increasing of the retirement age, the increase of utility tariffs, the appointment of the prosecutor general, the opening of the NATO Liaison Office. PSRM will make every effort and use all its levers to cancel these laws.

The prohibition of unionism and of the History of Romanians

PSRM declares itself a supporter of Moldova's statehood; it demands the ban of ideology of unionism and of organizations that stand for Moldovan liquidation of the statehood. PSRM supports the reintroduction into the school curriculum of discipline "History of Moldova". PSRM strongly supports Moldova's course towards neutrality. 

The reopening of the "Stability Pact" box

In 2003, at the beginning of his term, Vladimir Voronin demanded the creation of a stability pact and obtaining guarantees for the neutrality of Moldova. PSRM now comes with new claims of this kind, only the guarantees are changed: first Russia, then USA, EU and China. A quadrilateral formula. In which Russia and China would balance the US and EU. Not even the format of the UN Security Council members, from the variant of the Budapest Pact in 1994, of integrating Ukraine into the Non-Proliferation Treaty, the transfer of nuclear weapons to Russia against the guarantees of sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. I have seen the impact and the validity of such guarantees when the territorial mutilation is done by one of the signatories.

The document and the principle is a complete utopia, not to mention that it's about a useless document, which has already demonstrated its irrelevance in other cases. To ask the big powers to come to your feet and to guarantee you the neutrality claimed by constitution is an unrealistic approach, dreamy, even if it is inspired by Moscow again. In international relations, such guarantees cost majorly. Plus that, the neutrality is an exceeded principle in a world where the confrontation of fault is specified, especially since the state concerned is situated geographically between military and political blocks.

The resolution also says that "PSRM supports the President of Moldova in his intentions to obtain the signing, with the participation of Russia, USA, EU and China, of a multilateral pact regarding the guarantee of the neutrality of the status of Moldova. PSRM is categorically against any form of NATO's presence in Moldova." 

Neutrality but integration into the Euro-Asian Union

PSRM wants to change the strategic vector of Moldova and to redirect the whole economical and trading formula to the East, towards the integration structures of Moscow, after that it wishes the breaking of the EU Association Agreement. The document states:

"PSRM is a supporter of Moldova's accession to the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and the termination of the Association Agreement with the European Union. PSRM believes that only in the EAEU composition is possible the full recovery of Moldovan products on the Eurasian market, may be signed agreements on long-term gas prices for Moldova and can be obtained safeguards for being a Moldovan migrant worker in Russia and other countries of EAEU. Only in EAEU can be restarted the economic links, the resumption of Moldovan industry and the creation of tens of thousands of well-paid jobs in our country. "

"Starting with 2017, the party will initiate projects and joint programs with cities and regions of other countries, primarily the Russian and Eurasian countries."

Moldova's federalization, on both sides, and the rejection of the counties

The document also states that "PSRM is against devastating «administrative-territorial reform», which provides the liquidation of districts and the return to the counties."    

On the other hand, "PSRM supports the course for creating a democratic federative state on both sides of Dniester." The option is unique and contrary to all the projects and integration strategies of Moldova and it validates the federalization and the transnistrization on the left side of Prut, namely the introduction of limited sovereignty formulas for the State from the left side of Prut.

The decision of the Congress also states that "PSRM is the only party that has a concrete plan to reunify the country and to build a common state on both banks of Dniester." Moreover, it returns to the 1997 Primakov project, the pre-existence of two political entities that perform the "common state": "The party will focus on working with the politicians and civil society from Transnistria within the project "Two sides - a single space," which will start in the beginning of 2017." This provides the recognition in a pre-existence formula of the "Transnistria partner" to have someone to sign this joint state constitution.

All these resolutions collide directly with everything that the Republic of Moldova did throughout its independence period. In addition, it creates a fault with the current parliamentary majority and the current Government. Furthermore, the claim to generate early elections in 2017 becomes a major problem of constitutionality and process, once there is a parliamentary majority and stable government. The option of PSRM emphasizes once again the need of establishment of joined forces of the right pro-European wing, and the coherent movement of Maia Sandu is already required to rebalance the pro-Western, pro-European option of Moldova.