The elected President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, has stated more clearly his positions, his beliefs and his views around the world, already in the position of the validated President by the Constitutional Court, even if he did not yet took the office. Dodon believes that Moldova faces directly Romania and the Russian Federation, in an interview for Russia Today, he forgets his role of an independent and a defender of Moldovan citizens and place himself directly by the Russian side, thinking that he clearly is at war with Romania, but also with his own State.His main topics, where he contradicts himself and he destroys his own strategies of his government and all previous governments of Moldova (including those to which he belonged) are limiting of the sovereignty on the altar of Russia and the federalization of the State in favor of the separatist region, actually in favor of the same Russia.

Firstly, by criticizing the high number of scholarships offered generously by Romania to the young people from Moldova, Igor Dodon says that "They ]Romania, editor's note] come very aggressive. And the education of the children, and the civil society. But we how answer them? Only with beautiful words? Like this we will not succeed. For now, we keep strong, we keep the Moldovan statehood, very often on enthusiasm and because we have the same roots ]with Russia editor's note]".

So there's no doubt, Dodon sees everything in "they" and "us". "Them," others, are Romania, Romanians, those who give a lot of scholarships. "We", "us", are Russia, Dodon and his Russians and those who stand up to "Romania who are coming very aggressive" and resist only with enthusiasm because Russia does not give scholarships and aid like Romania. Of course "the Moldovan statehood" is just a puppet, because, according to Dodon, the Republic of Moldova and Russia, Russian citizens and those from Moldova, have the same Russian roots (or maybe Soviet?) So the worship of the sovereignty to the Russians, because they are the same people is good, but the Romanian scholarships are the expression of aggression!

But let's see how sees the newly elected President of the Republic of Moldova the enemy, the opponent, the scarecrow Romania. Igor Dodon believes that the provision of scholarships to young students, master and doctoral students on behalf of Romania is a policy of "Romanization". The union and the Romanization are obsessions Dodon's, to which the returns when he is speaking with the Russian media, when he let go of his feelings that otherwise he paints or nuances them in the interviews with local media in Moldova or with the Romanian media. He urged Russia to do more to stop the Romanization, including by offering of an extended number of scholarships to young Moldovans.

Also, Igor Dodon is proving to be a real supporter of Russian informational warfare in the Republic of Moldova, whose exponent he is. Thus, instead of being concerned with Moldova's sovereignty over its area of information, because 80% of news and information in audiovisual media are produced in Moscow, a percentage of impact and audience, Igor Dodon wants to implement more initiatives like "Izborsk Club" (informative pro-Russian platform) agreed by personalities and "experts" imported from Russia.

In Conclusion, limited sovereignty, if it’s possible – the elimination of anybody who has ideas or says the NATO name, even if it’s about a contact and civil dialog center which exists already in Russia itself. To outlaw the Unionists, because they are Moldovan citizens, who have a certain way of thinking, a thing that is guaranteed by the Constitution but which is not agreed by the Socialist leader, the next President. And the citizens with double citizenship to be thrown out of the country, if the second citizenship is Romanian. Cause I didn’t heard such claims about the Russian second citizenship.

Finally, the second scandalous topic for the whole history of Moldova since the independence of the state, or even during the birth of national liberation movement, 1988, onwards, the relationship with the separatist Transnistrian region. The withdrawal of the Russian troops and weapons, disappeared, naturally, from the speech of the Presidency - a new reverence to the President Timofti, whom many will regret if they do not regret it already - instead, the elected President Dodon said that Moldova should apologize to Transnistria for the 1992 war! Why not to Russia? Cause its troops have orchestrated and won the separatist conflict on the Dniester against Moldovan state, whose chairman is now, Igor Dodon.

According to Dodon, the conflict broke out only because of Moldova, because Moldova wanted the unification with Romania. "First of all, it is the fault of Moldova, I recognize this. Several times I said that we must acknowledge this fact and apologize for the deaths of hundreds, thousands of citizens," said Dodon. So, the maximum ineptitude against its own people: the option of independent Moldovan citizens, affirmed sovereignly is guilty, not the Russian occupation troops and starting the war against the independent state for seize and control of a breakaway territory, with pretense to the state, by maintaining an oasis of Soviet Stalinism in Tiraspol, artificially, on Russian money and with the presence of the Russian army. So much for the President that will be installed in Chisinau tomorrow!

It is certain that Igor Dodon announces troubled and confrontational times in his relationship with Romania. The idea of Romanian brothers and a visit to Bucharest disappeared, now, the new president is preparing for isolation from its own population. And to fight against his own people, which he wants to throw out of public office and to outlaw them for crime of opinion. He is violating flagrantly the guarantor of the Constitution, by ignoring the human rights, the constitutional provisions and especially by ignoring the Declaration of Independence of the State that he will lead, a document that he never invoked and which establishes the state language as Romanian, a thing noted by the Constitutional Court already, none other than the institution that will enshrine him as the President of the Republic of Moldova!

Complicated times are announced, we got lucky that the role of the President became decorative. And by keeping Igor Dodon on that position, it isolates him not only of Romania, of civilization, of society, but even his own citizens.