I never thought I would ever get to write this editorial. I have always had respect for politicians and political work because I lived and still live in this world, I see and understand how it works. I help and advise politicians for decades, but I do not know how to do politics myself and, therefore, I always respect those who can to do what I am not able to do. However, I am an analyst, I see and know multiple experiences in multiple states, more or less democratic, and in the case of Moldova, I know the protagonists for over 27 years, which makes me have a certain fondness for the actors on this stage, whoever they are.

Secondly, I did not ever write about the Liberal Party (PL) because it was a pro-Romanian party par excellence, despite ambitions and stubbornness of its leader, which are not always justified and never constructive. In addition, today the level of support is so small that even an editorial is not justified, only if an exceptional thing  happened or a requiem on the eve of the funeral...

As for the number one protagonist, Mihai Ghimpu that is a character, no matter who analyzes him. He was acting president and based his gestures and interests on the Romanians on both sides of the Prut. He played his part in the history of the last quarter-century. I know the less exposed, but more known and important brother of his, Gheorghe Ghimpu, God rest his soul in peace, a true hero and leader of the Romanian resistance in Bessarabia, the leader of the national resistance party.

However, the evolution of the last months and especially the last days forced me to lean on this ruling Liberal party, which launched its own candidate for president, the party chairman, who collected 1.8% of votes in the first round and kept the explanation of this situation close. Besides, PL is in a blockage for years, by avoiding to mark a succession in the party at least for Chisinau mayor, Dorin Chirtoaca, in the previous cycle, when he had credibility and more relevant support.

Now comes the discussion about the dispute and withdrawal of the political support of Anatol Salaru. The only PL minister with visibility and relevance, an extremely important ministry for Euro-Atlantic integration (on a PL program to join NATO) and with certain achievements in this field. Not the only one, not unique, but relevant throughout his mandate. While in other cases, the National Anti-Corruption Center and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office walks in the yard of other PL ministers or near them, when neither the mayor Chirtoaca does not seem to feel too good. When the signals in this matter were consistent, to sacrifice the only driver for the image due to selfish and individualistic reasons is already a major political loss. Not to say that we speak about the actions of a party that has not passed the threshold in polls for a long time...

But, perhaps the most complicated issue is that Mihai Ghimpu dies ugly, from a political point of view. He commits suicide. He is the last of the Mohicans who clings to an ephemeral position where he looses the last percents of his party out of ambition.

The simplest suicide formula for a political leader is to not admit the guilt for the defeats in electoral campaigns or political projects that you declare. At the European level, there are no exceptions. Those who force things in a democracy lose the esteem of their relatives and party members, not to mention the adversaries and partners. That's because they prove that could not lose. 

In Romania, Crin Antonescu has resigned along with the deputy president of PNL then Iohannis for not reaching the percentage forecasted as a target in the European Parliament elections. Alina Gorghiu left immediately after a small result in the elections with all the PNL leadership and the heads of branches that failed. In Italy, Renzi left because his constitutional reform was rejected by voters in a referendum. Everywhere in democracy the defeat leads to the withdrawal of the party leader who failed, precisely to give his successor a chance to go further. Even in Chisinau, Marian Lupu, PDM president withdrew, freeing the way for a renewal of the party, although he did not get to vote in the first round.

In Bucharest, the PNL leadership was taken over by the President of the best branch, as well as the position of Secretary General of the Party. This was a temporary action until the organization of theNational Convention and elections in the Congress. Raluca Turcan in Alba and Marian Petrache in Ilfov performed and took over the responsibilities of the defeated ones. In Italy, Gentiloni took over from Renzi. The party and the government go further. In France, Hollande has decided not to run, Sarkozy withdrew from political life after he was defeatead by Alain Juppe. The rule is maintained around the world because voters do not love both defeated ones and those who cling to power in any form, and a leader defeated in a battle acquires easily the label of a loser, which you cannot ever remove from blood .

After a score of 1.8%, Mihai Ghimpu had to resign. Well, he had to withdraw from the party leadership in recent local elections and leave Dorin Chirtoaca as chairman, because he had a higher confidence rating than him. Vlad Filat made the same mistake at PLDM, leaving Iurie Leanca unused as driver of the party even if he had a higher rating. Today the role of PL locomotive could be taken only by Anatol Salaru as much as he could do it under the current circumstances. To kill your best horse to try to keep yourself in the race is a political infantilism and proof of a lack in the sense of reality. One again: Mihai Ghimpu dies ugly from a political suicide.

The issue is whether the current coalition will continue to take a walking dead and with no chance of expansion as a partner instead of a good and efficient minister. In addition, with issues of corruption in protected ministries. And if yes due to circumstantial reasons, for how long? Because Mihai Ghimpu's gesture buries the coalition and strengthens an European right opposition of Maia Sandu.