Igor Dodon was elected president by universal vote on November 13. After nearly a month, besides some statements and interviews, the newly elected has gone already into oblivion and irrelevance. Show must go on, politics are developing, visits are conducted, the power and the opposition is facing in the Parliament, but Dodon no longer exists. Unless, perhaps through tirades and diatribes against the Minister of Defense and by the temptation to insinuate himself in the PL party politics, on the verge of splitting.

Indeed, with the lapse of the month and extension of appeals to the mandate that he would take over, put the new elected president to the retention and into oblivion. Not less true is that the formula of approach to the political realities that he practiced was rather blunt, on positions of affray and superiority - with the Government, the Parliament, with the Romanian President - which is why the honorable one has gone into a veritable quarantine. He was to Moscow, but as a simple pedestrian, although he is expected to sign what he has already agreed with the government in intergovernmental commission. A gift of respect and desire to potentate: at the table with Putin. He did not came to Brussels and he will possibly do it later: after the Prime Minister Filip, after the arrival of the European funds for projects and after the signing and validating the opening of the NATO liaison office, made by Dodon a target for scandal (although he wastes his breath, with a rather diplomatic and civil representation that has Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and even Russia, along with military representation!...).

As for Romania, there isn't even an invitation to validate the triad of symbolic visits that he will end it in Bucharest, a triad launched with a bang as his own program. And the failure comes just because his location in the bilateral issues has not yet overcome the positions of identity affray and respect of his own citizens and their options, rather of Romanian citizens. And that while the President Timofti spoke with his Romanian counterpart on the phone and received the highest Romanian distinction, the Romania's Star in rank of Collar, which not has only the incumbent President and National Bank Governor (as a accumulation of numerous decorations "Romanian Star" with varying successive degrees, received in the last 26 years as long as he has this position). 

Neither internally things are not the most spectacular. One by one, the parliament is passing the reforms demanded by the IMF, the World Bank and the EU, and the laws and end up being promulgated until he takes over his function. The pension reform and the pension age increase - passed in first reading, the Government and civil service reform - on the road, the ANRE independence and the establishment of the price for energy products on the market - ongoing, after signing the memorandum. And others are coming as well.

In another plan, the prerogatives that would have incidence with the position of the President is melting and it integrates in the real thine of the function in a parliamentary republic. The SPP goes under the Government, as it should be. I think that soon will be missing and the last few elements in the relationship space of the President with SIS and the Chief of Staff General or the Defense Minister, and if the symbolic item linked to the Supreme Council for Security and Defense (however consultative) goes to the Government, the President remains simply the State representative and he will sign whatever the Government tells and what the parliamentary majority votes... He may refuse the appointments only once. The Attorney General is already bought, until Dodon will step into the residence of the President.

Directly elected, with substantial legitimacy, Igor Dodon was closer than expected to lose the confrontation in front of Maia Sandu, who ran without anything, but took 48%. Despite the disparity of resources, of organization, political force, without the involvement of Romania in elections - the promotion of signals to come to vote, namely covering the journey by train is in Chapter goodwill and participation support, does not fall in the actions of interference - but with massive involvement of Russia in the runoff - which paid and traveled with an order 19,000 inhabitants from Transnistria to vote for Dodon, plus the teams of organizations which walked the villages one by one in northern Moldova with lies about Syrians that are occupying the houses of those who left the country with the consent of Maia Sandu, or the gossips about the alleged students who have committed suicide because the former education Minister did not let them cheat on the baccalaureate, by providing them cameras. We add the Balti Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, which has damned Maia Sandu, because she is barren and she did not has a family and children, preferring a career, and they campaigned for Dodon open. Kind a lot of resources for such an outcome! Let's count only the posters and the billboards, and the expense is not justified!

Up next, the old Christmas and the New Year. Somewhere around here will submit Dodon oath, that if not in the New Year's Eve will talk as well the President Timofti, a supreme gesture of defiance for the newly elected.

Next, the old holidays, which ends after the Epiphany and Saint John by 21 January. That is still one month or so when no one has time for Dodon. With such and such a program break, the new president will take over the mandate completely irrelevant, with marginal public support and forgotten by most of us. And the urge that PSRM received through the election victory will completely melt before then. Unless, of course, a whole myriad of Socialist MPs will leave the boat to join the current government that they followed already for a long time.

Now that's an electoral surprise! And Dodon also gave quickly his resignation from the party, losing a valuable tribune for political expression, and even brought Zenaida Greceanâi from home, to show how strong he is and he is put on great deeds! A lesson for those with excessive behavior and disregard of the rules of the game and the status of the President!