This week took place the Annual Meeting of Romanian Diplomacy, an annual occasion for reformation and for establishing the most important directions of the external policy of Romania. Moreover, the meeting was more relevant as the most important persons who are linked to the establishing of the foreign policy and its implementing, who are deciding the external policy of Romania, have spoken out. While the beginning of the week was marked by the disputes that implied the US Ambassador in Chisinau, James Pettit, and his thoughts regarding the prospects of union (beyond not knowing the history and the sensible topics of identity, for which President Nicolae Timofti gave the most accurate and clear replies), I gathered what was said about the Republic of Moldova to remove speculation and false propaganda, triumph and dragging Romania in false disputes with USA, in the minds of more hotheaded commentators and analysts. 

In this way, proximity like that we meet at everyone involved is to support the Republic of Moldova on security, stability, reforms, democratization, rule of law, maintaining the European path and re-establishing the credibility of Moldova. Therefore, the President Klaus Johannis stated in front of Romanian diplomats: "Also in the Eastern Neighbourhood, Romania needs to set the stability of Modova and its plans to join the European Union as priorities. We approached the issue pragmatically this year, including through the first tranche of a 150 million euros loan, we constructively supported the reform engine in Moldova. Re-establishing its credibility to foreign actors, especially the European Union is an objective Chisinau needs to prioritize and believe in, be it local administration, the Government or the President of Moldova, even after the upcoming presidential elections. You will keep supporting this efforts in Chisinau to continue implementing EU reforms. On this basis, I reassure the pro-European political forces in Moldova of our full support." The Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos stated that: "We actively continue the efforts to promote and support the Republic of Moldova’s European integration aspirations, having here a pragmatic approach. In the first half of the year, we took actions to support the stabilization of the political situation and regaining trust of the international partners of the Republic of Moldova. (…) Romania is now guarantor of Republic of Moldova’s credibility, by the way it addressed this pragmatic relationship with the Republic of Moldova, this year. We have the premises for the association of other external financiers." In addition, the Foreign Minister of Romania, Lazar Comanescu: "The Republic of Moldova is and will remain an indisputable priority of external policy. We will keep providing substantial support where it is really needed to the extent of our possibilities. Our message is a clear one: for the democratic development and prosperity of Republic of Moldova, to benefit all its citizens, the reforms have to be sustainable, credible and irreversible."

It is true that President's speech had another peculiarity, referring to the security situation in Republic of Moldova, underlining: "In Transnistria are intensifying, without justification, military exercises with the participation of Russian forces, without seeing any progress amid regulating the Transnistrian issue. This, taking into consideration that Moldova is heading this fall to the first direct Presidential elections, after a long time. (...)"

Anyhow, the President was the one who insisted on bilateral programs: "It’s vital that the Romanian Government keeps the bilateral projects working and consistent. They have an important role in leading to modernization and connecting Moldova to the EU standards, including through development assistance from our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I’m referring to finalizing Iasi-Ungheni-Chisinau gas pipeline, electricity and transportation connections, institutional development projects in Moldovan administration as well as projects with social and economic impact and judicial and education assistance."

Also, concerning particular remarks, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos insisted on the financial-economic component and European reforms: "Progress has been achieved with respect to the Roadmap undertaken by Chisinau Cabinet to the European Union, a staff –level agreement with IMF was concluded, the European Commission is preparing the release of the financial assistance and may propose micro-financial assistance if the Republic of Moldova fulfills the actions agreed with the Monetary Fund. (…)"

These are the concerns and this is the official policy of the Romanian state. And if there are still doubts, as Romanian Embassy in Bucharest sent the US foreign policy lines insisting that "anything more than these lines is not the American state policy", referring openly to the thoughts of American Ambassador in Chisinau - the US Ambassador in Bucharest, Hans Klemm taking de facto the role of Ambassador in Chisinau, on public communication component, at least until December, when James Pettit's mandate ends - President Klaus Johannis was even more sarcastic, specifically, saying in his speech: "At the same time, I want to point out that, as a President, I have assumed to give an honest and proper direction of our foreign policy, showing confidence, predictability and therefore stronger links with our partners. Some believe in being honest and transparent in foreign policy, there are risks of image or perception of weakness. I do not believe that. On the contrary, it is a sign of reliability and a source of credibility and power in the long term. From this perspective, I can say clearly what will not happen during my mandate. Romania will never play unfair games, will not use double language under the pretext of diplomacy, will not compromise the values and will not consider acceptable the violation of international law."

I think the above close fully the major subject of informational war by Russia in Chisinau about the union that is being prepared secretly by Romania, announced for about 20 years as upcoming by all the trumpets of Russian propaganda - as in the fable about Peter and the Wolf - but that never happened. Instead, Russian troops and munitions are doing very well in Tiraspol, under various alleged reasons like - munitions cannot be taken, Ukrainians are not letting me or they could explode, but I have not accepted in situ device for casing munitions, offered by USA and remained a lot of years in Chisinau, then if there are munitions, I need to protect them, if there is a conflict, I am a peacekeeper, isn't it - and Russia does not assume even its own responsibilities, aggression in Eastern Europe, speaking, for example, in Donbas, about separatists and Kiev's negotiations with them, Moscow staying stainless and ingenuous, only good for a guarantor status, "along with France and Germany".