The presidential elections have ended in the first round as expected: Igor Dodon, the pro-Russian Socialist candidate, the representative of the old system of doing politics, the conservative and defender of the system, will face in the second round of voting with Maia Sandu, the PAS pro-reformist candidate, the newly established party. The balance of power after the first round is 48-38%, and 10 percent remain fatefully to recover. If we simplify, basically 6 percent are coming from the PPEM pro-European candidates, PL and Ghiletchi. In the middle remains Dimitri Ciubashenko, the pro-Russian candidate of Renato Usatii, who refused to transfer the votes and demanded the commitment of Dodon to lift the warrant of arrest of the head of his party, Renato Usatii, the mayor of Balti, in exchange for the votes.

The situation is far from clear, especially since again it has been played on the edge of this second round and there was, at some point, the actual risk of winning the election in the first round. In addition, the low turnout, especially of active segments 18-25, 26-40 years and in the Diaspora, namely in Romania made the score to show the officially report announced by the Central Election Commission, which organized the elections excellent, with transparency and sociological data base.

What is next at the second round? A fight and a very important job to maintain Moldova's European path unaltered. Because, it must be said, even if the parliamentary majority and the government remain in office, as well as the commitments to reforms, as the need for conditional external financing, however, the election for a pro-Russian president means instability, isolation and pressure on stopping these reforms, even forcing the takeover by Dodon's pro-Russian socialists of the total power by early elections, if there is opportunity in time. Therefore, Igor Dodon should be stopped. In addition, the symbolism of such a win, creates major problems or opportunities for non-friends of Moldova in the West to build their embassies and to ignore this border land, because people do not really want the European path and Western options that are unconsolidated.

So the first topic of the upcoming two weeks is the stake. And I reject the tend to use proper diplomatic formulations, which welcomes the fair organisation of the elections and that we will work with any president in the spirit of good neighborliness to say that it does not matter who will lead Moldova to the West to Romania, EU and USA. Of course, it will matter! Look at the reaction of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and the withdrawal of the Ambassador for consultations! So revealing of the STAKE and promotion of the divergent options which are represented by Igor Dodon and Maia Sandu are required and this can make the difference in shaking the society and waking up to the reality of those who want reforms and equal access to opportunities, equal and fair justice and combating the corruption wherever it is, regardless of the concerned person.

Afterwards we enter under the sign of mobilization capabilities and consistent campaign strategies. And here it is about the strategies of the two campaigns to prove their skill, relying on the fact that, if Romania and the EU stated that they do not get involved in the campaign, and Russia already did it, only subtly, through the asset on the ground and some funding, in the second tour Moscow's impact might be more substantial and direct. In addition, we should note that a competitor, Igor Dodon, tries to carve his victory through negotiations at the green table, possibly even under the foot of Mother Russia, in Moscow, and not through fair, face to face competition.

After he received the communists refusal because Vladimir Voronin considers him a bought traitor and he rejects his support in the second round, but even after rejecting his automatic support for Dmitri Ciubashenko, Igor Dodon announced that he will fly on Friday to Moscow to see Renato Usatii, the "Our Party" leader, who is wanted internationally for complicity/ordering of a murder. So while he does not make campaign unless at his own television stations and through press releases, he refuses to submit his program and especially to face in live televised debates, in front of the nation from which he requires the vote, with his rival, preferring blows below the belt by relatively anonymous online environments, Igor Dodon is able to break the law, to refuse the separation of powers in the State, to ensure impunity for Renato Usatai and that he will raise the international warrant prosecution in return of his support in the second round. Some President of Moldova! He is not able to be a man neithe in a confrontation with a woman and to take a deserved victory, with fair play, face to face. And therefore, Maia Sandu deserves to win the race.