Long ago, when I was a child, my parents had a sovietic washing machine (in fact, back there everything was sovietic). It was called OKA. It was the most simple prehistorical peace of junk: an electrical relay, a motor, timing belt and an aluminium barrel that was spinning on a disc - that's it! My mother use to say: "I am going to spin the laundry", not to wash them. (Here is the first similarity: do we not say "to spin the money"?). When I grow up I was mobilized to dry clothes....

After when my folks bought a centrifuge, I was free of spinning the laundry. And is seemed that there was nothing that could brake that monster,but at least three of four times a year, it would happen. Then my father was turning her upside down and took the aggregate apart... When the engine was burning, when the electrical relay, when the timing belt... and we would be happy to get rid of her, but... there were no other machines. You can not imagine what a release felt my mother when she got a new automatic washing machine!!! Why am I telling you all this? Last week the "Moldovan laundromat" broke! I hope that no one can repair it... 

But about the ugly stuff - later. Let us start with something beautiful, because we have it!

JAZZ – JAZZ – JAZZ At Chisinau, - I was telling you last week that you, Chisinau citizens, are lucky! - from 15 till 18 of September took place the International Ethno Jazz Festival. Music of the highest quality with bands from 14 countries: Austria, Brasil, Bulgaria, Cuba, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Mongolia, Poland, Serbia, USA and the Republic of Moldova! Anatol Stefanet, the "father" of the festival (and of the "Trigon" band) allied us with good people and keeps us there for many years. We should be grateful for this, to purchase a disc ones in a while, to buy a ticket to the concert. I assure you: the artist do not live only from the applause!  

OUR DAILY HEROES Last week I was writing you about the vegetation fires in Moldova. The firefighters had a Hot Autumn start. All last week, the Romanian SMURD had interventions in Moldova to help a three year old child. I promised myself to write more often about this people when happened the tragedy with SMURD, because it is unfair that we remember them only when is too late... 

THE AMERICANS ARE HELPING US They said that they will double the aids for Moldova. You know, them, the Ambassador of those who in August was committing a Lese-Romanian sin. Who can understand those Anglo-Saxons?

That is all with the beautiful things. Although what is coming next is not bad at all, but I do not want neither to call it "beautiful":

Cam atât la capitolul evenimentelor frumoase. Deși ceea ce va urmă nu-i rău deloc, dar nici nu-mi vine a-i zice „frumos”:

THE LAUNDROMAT BROKE! Unprecedented arrests in the Republic of Moldova! 20 officials of the judiciary system, key elements of the so called "Moldovan Laundromat" through which was laundered 20 billions dollars, were arrested! The prosecutors are saying that are more to come. How was saying our friend Ostap? "The ice was broken, ladies and gentlemen of the jury!" Now I would like one more thing: In those schemes were occurred some companies from Great Britain. So, gentlemen who are teaching us lessons of virtue and legitimacy, maybe you could show us an example of how you fight with the international banditry. I do understand that in out country is stealing from us, but those money are going somewhere?

"ELECTIONS" IN RUSSIA Therefore, Putin proved that he subdued Russia once and for all. It is know how end the leaders that have a 87% rating. But I want to tell you something else: The internet was invaded by videos at the Russian polling stations where the employees were filling the urns with ballot papers. With all this, the presence at the vote was very low: only 47,81%... For now, I will say only this: as big is the absenteeism, it is more easy to forge the elections. We are not Russia. And yet... I will come back to this subject. When we will be closer to the election date. For now, I recommend you the text of Alexandru Tanase, with which I totally agree: "It is said very rarely about the responsibility of the citizens about the state of our society, although some citizens are those who through their passivity lead to power poor leaders, are creating constitutional majorities and are installing a kleptocracy Government. Unfortunately the citizens do not realize that there are no elections without any bets. Truthfully the things can be influenced, the important thing is that in the day you have the possibility to perform this influence and not to stay at home".     

THE EMIGRANTS WANT TO VOTE! Multiple organisations and personalities that emigrated launched an appeal to the Authorities from the Republic of Moldova demanding the possibility to vote in the same conditions as in the 2014: polling stations and the possibility to vote with expired passports. Even if the representative of the Promo-LEX NGO, which should defend the democratic values, according to the personal status, confirms that Moldova 1 and the signatories of the open letter are lying (it is true that they apologized later for the error. On Facebook, and the accusations was made at the TV post Moldova 1, as they say - feel the difference), i this way it has been voted in 2014, in 2010 and in 2009. I do not see why now it should be different. We will wait for the CEC's press releases. Let us hope that the reason will triumph.     

MOLDOVA DOES NOT WANT CIS. ONLY THE PRESIDENCY DOES NOT WANT IT At the CIS Summit Moldova refused to take over the Presidency of CIS. So what? The Presidency passed to Russia. Moldova did not quit CIS. Why? Putin came late at the meeting with two hours! Others waited for him quietly. This is order in this organisation. 

That's it. From those that are worth it the attention we will mention by telegraph:

- The Ministry of Defense asks Russia to stop the military maneuvre in Transnistria, but Moldova is waiting for Rogozin for a visit. 

- Dodon says that the Romanian gendarme was bad because he was beating up the thieves and the alcoholics, but promises to break the head to those who are stealing. Dodon is so poor, that his parents are helping him to survive, and some mysterious rotten societies from the capitalist off-shore are forcing him to keep his headquarters in one of their buildings. 

- Usatai is criminal persecuted at Balti, and his pals - arrested for pandering and drug traffic. That is how is it in a "captive state". You can neither make any decent politics!    

- BNS processed only 82% from the census data! There are still left 18%. They will finish soon. After the elections.  

- Lucinschi is selling the TV post TV7. It is a rotten asset. He does not want it any more. He sold it to Lucinschi.

- The mystery of the stink from Chisianau was made clear: at Chisinau is stinking because of the bad smell! 

AND THE PEOPLE, WHAT THE PEOPLE IS DOING? The people, as usually, are paying increased taxes and rages. When Communists were governing, there were cases of anthrax (Sivberian plague), today - rabies. A gruesome symbolistic. This the same finally.