The Chisinau Railway Station was transformed, yesterday, for a couple of hours, in a true theatrical amphitryon. The platform acted as a theater, with seats for the visitors, and the play was staged right on the railway sleepers.

An unique event took place thanks to the undeniable talent of the actors of the National Theater "Marin Sorescu" from CRAIOVA, that presented the play "Orient Express" on the improvised scene from the Railway Station. The text of the play was written especially for the theater from Craiova by Matei Visniec, a French playwright from Romania. The author gives a dramaturgical load to the train as a symbolic element of our people's history in the last century. 

The six actors, three men and three women, personify the world that we frequently meet in train stations: beggars and emigrants, business travelers and prostitutes, tourists and soldiers etc. The scenes presented by these characters seem cliches of the ordinary life. We must realize that these so called other people's stories, are actually ours. 

The premiere happened in May 2009 in an European theater project.

The spectators appreciated both the play, and the event itself, showing desire for the organization of similar theatrical projects, that offer the possibility to those fond of art to enjoy the moments favorable to the soul and culture. 

The event took place with the support of the National Theater "Mihai Eminescu", Ministry of Transport and SOE „Calea Ferata din Moldova”.