Some of the wineries do not meet the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, said its experts on a meeting, a detailed report on the results of controls carried out will be published next week.

According to Deschide.MD sources, in the discussions of this morning on the conclusions of the visit, the members of Rospotrebnadzor showed their disappointment with some verified manufacturers.

"Half of the list of companies were rated "unsatisfactory". Several irregularities were identified, most of them on hygienic-sanitary order," told us the source.

In total, the Russian experts have verified the following companies:

1) „KVINT”;


3) SA „Cricova”;

4) „Bulgari Winery”;

5) „Золотой Аист” (Barza de Aur);

6) „Молдавский стандарт” (Moldovian Standard);

7) „Chateau Vartely”;

8) „Nexovin”;

9) „Moldiugvin”;

10) „Aurnecvin”;


12) „Spirits and Distilled Trade”;

13) „Lion-Gri”.

We specify that in an interview with Deschide.MD - which will appear shortly - the Minister of Economy, Octavian Calmac said that the Rospotrebnadzor has already presented some preliminary results, according to which over 10 companies that produce alcoholic beverages were evaluated and will be placed on the list of companies eligible to export to the Russian market.

We remind you that the Russian authorities have banned more than once the Moldovan wines products, without present, however, evidence or arguments about the decision made. The latest restrictions on Moldovan wines were imposed in autumn 2013.

Subsequently, the embargo was canceled only for a few companies from the Transnistrian region. Following the imposition of the embargo in 2013, our country producers incurred losses of 20 million dollars and turned to other markets.