Gerry Rice, the Director of the Department of Communications (COM), of the International Monetary Fund claims that despite the declarations made by President Igor Dodon in Brussels, the IMF continues at a normal rate the implementation of the Memorandum that the IMF has with Moldova.

At a press conference, Gerry Rice, was asked by a journalist of the Russian agency TASS, if the statements of President, Igor Dodon, made in Brussels, about rerouting to an agreement with the Eurasian Union could influence the IMF program with Moldova.

The IMF official mentioned that "this is a clear issue related to the regional framework of the positioning of the country and its sovereignty."

"We said that economic integration is an important factor for growth and prosperity in many countries. Moldova-EU Association Agreement, to which you refer is in place for a relatively short period of time. I think since mid 2014. There were a lot of different factors that have an impact on Moldova's economy, both internal and external, which, I think, complicates the assessment of the benefits of this Agreement. As for the part with the IMF in your question, again, just to remind people that the IMF approved an agreement with Moldova worth 178.7 million US dollars, funded by the Extended Fund Facility (EFF) and extended credit Facility (ECF). And we are still at the stage of discussion of the next steps of the program. The Moldovan authorities have engaged in achieving economic reform program supported by the IMF. Here, I want to make just a clarification, for the first evaluation mission, as I mentioned under the Programme, it will be between 14 to 28 February. The mission will discuss with the authorities and will review the program implementation," said Gerry Rice, the Director of the Department of Communications (COM), of the International Monetary Fund

So, from what you say nothing has changed? insisted the Russian journalist.

"No. I think we have to wait for the mission to reach the land and to keep a dialogue with the authorities and, of course, as usual we will have the statements, "said Gerry Rice.

We remind you that President Igor Dodon stated during his meeting with European Council President Donald Tusk that the Association Agreement between Moldova and the European Union could be terminated due to a possible referendum or parliamentary elections, at the same time, the president mentioned that he pleads for trilateral negotiations: EU-Republic of Moldova-Russian Federation regarding the trade.