Although it is not known yet how much will increase the prices, the prices at the electricity and thermal energy will be raised also this year too. Termoelectrica requested a raise with 12,3% (until 179,51 bani/kWh), for electrical energy, and with 27,4% (until 1257,38 lei/Gcal), for the thermal one.

The Termoelectrica officials motivate their request with the fact that the costs of production and delivery of the thermal and electrical energy are significantly higher since the last adjustment of the prices, which was on October 2011. Because of this, the are debts af approximately 2,8 billion lei. 

After the last public meeting where were held debates regarding the rising of the prices at the thermal and electrical energy, the ANRE officials mentioned that the institution made major efforts in the last period to reduce the costs. Optimizations of the personnel were made, but the investments decreased by 50%.  

"Util the beginning of the cold season we will have new charges per unit, raised but for now it is unknown by how much. If there were some unjustified costs invoked by Termoelectrica, we will consider them. We will calculate every data, so the impact on the population would be as small as possible", stated the ANRE officials. 

Also today, at the beginning of the public debates, the activists and members of "Our Party", along with the Presidential nominee, Dmitri Ciubasenko, protested in front of the ANRE residence against the intentions of raising the prices to heat and electricity. 

S.A. „Termoelectrica" was created in June 2015 as a result of the process of reorganization of three already existing entities - S.A. „Termocom", S.A. „CET-1" and S.A. „CET-2".