Transnistrian authorities The alleged are encountering difficulties in paying the salaries due to insufficient budgetary funds. This was announced by the so-called minister of finance in the region, Irina Molokanova.

She said that the salaries were paid in full in Dnestrovsk, in Tiraspol the salaries have been paid up to 64%. In the Rybnitsa district, this index is 37%, in Bender - 29.9%. In Dubasari district, from 6,000,000 rubles necessary to cover the salaries have been transferred only 1,500,000 rubles, which is 25% of the required amount. In Slobozia district, the salaries were covered only in proportion of 19.4%. The situation is even more difficult in Kamenka and Grigoriopol where the wages were paid at a rate of 15.4% and 13.9% of the required amount, notes   

The alleged Minister stated that to cover all the budgetary needs for January, 151.2 million rubles are needed, of which 107 million rubles will be directed to paying salaries, and 8.265 million for transfers in the territorial budgets. However, the alleged ministry is expected in January to a transfer of 65.812 million rubles.

A delegation of the Transnistrian region, headed by the leader of Tiraspol, Vadim Krasnoselskii, left on Tuesday in Moscow. The delegation intends to persuade the Russian Federation to grant a financial support to the separatist region.