Prime Minister Pavel Filip held a meeting with representatives of the Trade Unions Federation of Education and Science to discuss claims submitted by these to Government, Parliament and President. Among requirements of trade unions in education, the most intense discussion aroused request to equalizing wage for category I pay to the living wage in Moldova, from 01 January 2017.

According to presented data, this category consist support and non-teaching staff. The basic salary for tier wage is 1.000 lei, plus a series of bonuses amounting to 700 lei. The average gross salary for 1 – 6 categories forecasted for 2017 is 1.776 lei, while the subsistence minimum, as for 01 October 2016 constituted 1.813 lei.

Prime Minister Pavel Filip said that the government wanted an open and transparent dialogue with trade unions to find viable solutions for each issue, given the existing financial realities and possibilities.

"We want together to find the best solutions and step by step to reach the pay level that we want," said Pavel Filip.

As such, in order to identify the number persons with calculated level of wages lower than the subsistence minimum and estimating the budgetary impact in the event of wage compensation, it was proposed an inventory in this segment situation.

For this scope, Prime Minister Pavel Filip ordered setting of a joint working group, which will include branch trade unions representatives, which will review the current situation, identifying potential reserves of optimization and increase salaries to the minimum existence level.

Alongside, working group will identify legal provisions to be modified to provide a single system of pay for different categories of employees. At the same time, there is to be made proposals on possibilities of preserving the young specialists in education and increasing the quality of education system.