The €100 million assistance loan provided by the Government of Poland to Moldova, based on an agreement signed in Chisinau in May 2014, will be renegotiated in the amount of €50 million, IPN reports, quoting a Government decision. The request to diminish the size of the loan was made by the Polish side.

On the basis of this agreement, the agricultural enterprises of Moldova can purchase different equipment and services for developing and modernizing businesses. The contracts are signed by Polish entrepreneurs and Moldovan businessmen and are approved by the ministries of finance of the two states.

However, from the very beginning, even if the lending conditions were described as very good by the Ministry of Finance of Moldova (interest rate of 2%), the borrowed amount was distributed with difficulty. At different meetings, businessmen said this was due to the bureaucratic obstacles faced in accessing the loan.

Since the agreement was signed, six of the 26 applications submitted by enterprises, to the value of about €10 million, have been accepted. The Ministry of Finance of Poland approved five of these.

Source: IPN