The World Bank has identified a number of integrity risks in the law on tax amnesty, about which they informed the Government on December 15, 2016. At the same time, the representatives of financial institutions expect that the new law will not be approved without a significant revision.

On the website of the World Bank has been placed a press release stating that the institution has received this week several requests to express their opinions on the draft Law on the liberalization of capital and the fiscal stimulus.

"The international experience shows that the implementation of the declaration of property in strict accordance with the Package of integrity adopted this year, could be an effective tool to fight corruption. However, when examining the new draft, we found a number of integrity risks, about which we informed the government on December 15, 2016," it is also said in the press release of the financial institution. 

At the same time, the World Bank representatives also say that they mentioned that, the new Package of integrity, could be a decisive factor in terms of budget support from the World Bank for Moldova in the future.

"We continue the dialogue with the authorities and we expect that the new law will not be approved without a significant revision. The World Bank understands the well founded concern of the civil society and will continue to support the reforms of integrity to the benefit of all citizens of Moldova," says the World Bank.

After it emerged multiple discussions in society on the law on the liberalization of the capital and the stimulation of tax amnesty, when the project has been presented in the parliament, the President, Adrian Candu, said that such a law can not be adopted until it is consulted with external partners, because Moldova already has an agreement with the IMF and is in dialogue with the World Bank.

During the debate in the Parliament, Candu said that this draft law is not perfect as it is now and will be adjusted with amendments.