The Government today approved two decisions on commence of negotiations and approving signing of financing agreements, under the European Neighbourhood Policy (Joint Operational Programme Black Sea 2014 – 2020 and the Joint Operational Programme Romania – Moldova 2014 – 2020), concluded between the Republic of Moldova the European Commission and Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration of Romania.

The first agreement provides financial assistance as a grant worth 49 million euros to finance activities that will be implemented by the beneficiaries from Moldova and other seven countries (Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey). According to the document, there will be implemented several projects which aim to improve the living standards of people in the regions bordering the Black Sea Basin through sustainable economic growth and common environmental protection.

Actions eligible under the program relate to business and entrepreneurship promotion, implantation of an environmental policy, coordination and waste reduce through joint Black Sea Basin maritime region.

The second agreement, worth 89.1 million euros, is also a grant and provides funding for activities to be implemented by beneficiaries in Moldova and Romania for development projects in border regions between Moldova and Romania. These will include joint activities in education, conservation and protection of historical heritage and border security.

In both cases, the financing agreements provide co-financing activities envisioned in projects from beneficiaries amounting to 10 per cent each. The agreements are to be signed on 12 December 2016 on behalf of the government of the Republic of Moldova and afterwards, they should be ratified by Parliament.