International Monetary Fund, the Executive Board meeting, approved, by unanimous vote, the programme for Moldova for a period of 3 years, according to Parliament Speaker, Adrian Candu.

"We came out of the crisis. We are heading towards an economic stabilization period, after the political one, towards a favorable framework to develop the country and to increase people's welfare. From now on we must ensure economic growth for decades, abandoning the practice of survival from one year to another. I want to thank everyone at home and abroad for trust in Moldova, all who believed and believe that we have the ability to make some commitments and to respect them. Those who still do not believe that, we will convince them by actions.

After today's decision of the International Monetary Fund, our credibility towards investors and international partners will increase. The high level of transparency and independent assessment of progress in the next period, will facilitate commitments by the authorities in front of their citizens. Commitments that mean eventually a decent standard of living, opportunities for development and a dignified life for every citizen of our country," said the parliament speaker.

The document is based on two pillars. It is about policies to ensure macroeconomic and financial stability as well as the reforms to facilitate economic growth.

Access to financing is proposed to be set at a level of 75% of Moldova's IMF quota (SDR 129 million, or about 180 million US dollars).