For a month, the three banks from Moldova, being in the process of liquidation, have repaid about 26.41 million MDL from the credits given as state guarantee.

According to the website of the Ministry of Finance, "Banca de Economii" has returned from the emergency credit - 9.17 million lei, the Social Bank - 16 million and Unibank - 1 million. So far, there were recovered around 811.14 million lei of these loans, i.e. in October were returned 26.41 million MDL.

For four months since this meter was published online, were returned about 139 million lei, at first being displayed the total amount of 672 million, and so far it has been repaid 811.14 million MDL from the emergency loan.

According to the economic expert Sergiu Gaibu, these recovered money from the three banks will actually be used to pay the state debt interest in which have been converted the loans granted under state guarantee.

"I suspect that these recoveries are made from the banks' assets, from fixed means as well from the credit portfolio were recovered. The average speed of recovery shows a fairly large term of these recoveries. In this context we should not forget about the cost of state debt, namely about the interest that in it's 10th year will be 5% annually, and this interest must be paid firstly. In conclusion, from these recoveries it will be practically covered only the interest from the State guarantees from all the term of 25 years," said Gaibu.

We must emphasize that according to the law through which the Government assumed the responsibility, the state will return to the National Bank, during 25 years, the amount of 13.58 billion MDL. In the first 10 years, the amounts are much smaller than those that the state will have to "pour" into NBM accounts in the last 10 years. In the first year the state has to pay 50 million and an interest rate of 1.4%, but in the last years the rates reach the figure of 900 million and even 1.05 billion the last year. Since the 10th year of refund, along with the amounts of money, will also increase the annual nominal interest rate to 5.3%.