In a month, those three banks from Moldova have reimbursed during the liquidation process almost 28.5 million MDL.

According to the Ministry of Finance, "Banca de Economii" has returned 12.03 million MDL from the emergency credit, "Banca Sociala" - 14 million, and Unibank - 2.5 million. Until this moment were recovered almost 784,73 million MDL from these credits, i.e. in September were recovered 28.5 million MDL.   

In three months, since this online counter was published, almost 112,73 million MDL were refunded, at start was displayed the amount of 672 million and until now there were refunded 784,73 million MDL from the emergency credit.  

We remind you that in August were returned 23,4 million MDL from the emergency credits offered by the Governments led by Gaburici and Leanca as a state guarantee for those three banks in a total amount of 14,8 billion MDL.  


Since June 20th on the Ministry of Finance's site was published an online counter which contains the information about the recovery of the swindled accounts. This counter is refreshed monthly, at the compartments: recovered amounts, refund of the emergency credits and the process of realization of the assets. The information is displayed for each bank.   

The Authorities from Chisinau have contacted Kroll company, which at this moment is at the second stage in its investigation of the bank fraud. They will identify the money from Moldova, that were took out of the country, and afterwards they will launch the procedure of recovery. 

According to latest data of the National Bank, the Kroll company will identify at the end of September 600 million dollars, that will be recovered by this company.

We specify the fact that two weeks ago, the Government of the Republic of Moldova assumed responsibility for multiple laws, regarding a more transparent banking sector, but also conversion - in state debt - of the Emergency credits offered by the government to the three banks that have been liquidated. Those were the conditions of the IMF to conclude a new agreement with Moldova.

Subsequently both, Prime Minister Filip and the speaker, Andrian Candu, said that in fact the money will be returned from the recovery of assets of the three banks and the recovery that will make the Kroll company.